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Name: DMD Sequence: fasta or formatted (2344aa) NCBI GI: 150036268

dystrophin Dp260-1 isoform

Referenced in:

Spectrin and Plectin Families

Other entries for this name:
alt prot [3677aa] dystrophin Dp427c isoform
alt prot [3685aa] dystrophin Dp427m isoform
alt prot [3562aa] dystrophin Dp427l isoform
alt prot [3681aa] dystrophin Dp427p1 isoform
alt prot [2341aa] dystrophin Dp260-2 isoform
alt prot [1225aa] dystrophin Dp140 isoform
alt prot [956aa] dystrophin Dp116 isoform
alt prot [617aa] dystrophin Dp71 isoform
alt prot [635aa] dystrophin Dp71b isoform
alt prot [604aa] dystrophin Dp71a isoform
alt prot [622aa] dystrophin Dp71ab isoform
alt prot [340aa] dystrophin Dp40 isoform
alt prot [1105aa] dystrophin Dp140c isoform
alt prot [1243aa] dystrophin Dp140b isoform
alt prot [1230aa] dystrophin Dp140ab isoform
alt prot [1133aa] dystrophin Dp140bc isoform
alt prot [3562aa] dystrophin Dp427p2 isoform

amino acid map
 Amino acid        Percentage    Count  Longest homopolymer
 A alanine             6.1        143           3
 C cysteine            0.9         22           1
 D aspartate           5.6        131           2
 E glutamate          10.2        240           3
 F phenylalanine       2.1         50           2
 G glycine             2.9         69           2
 H histidine           2.5         58           1
 I isoleucine          4.9        114           2
 K lysine              8.0        187           3
 L leucine            12.7        298           3
 M methionine          2.1         50           2
 N asparagine          4.4        102           2
 P proline             3.9         91           2
 Q glutamine           8.2        192           2
 R arginine            6.0        140           2
 S serine              6.4        150           2
 T threonine           4.9        114           2
 V valine              4.9        116           2
 W tryptophan          1.7         39           1
 Y tyrosine            1.6         38           2
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Related human proteins:
Protein          Relative score         Description

Self-match            1.000   dystrophin Dp260-1 isoform 
DMD                   0.993   dystrophin Dp260-2 isoform 
DMD                   0.993   dystrophin Dp427c isoform 
DMD                   0.993   dystrophin Dp427p2 isoform 
DMD                   0.993   dystrophin Dp427p1 isoform 
DMD                   0.993   dystrophin Dp427l isoform 
DMD                   0.993   dystrophin Dp427m isoform 
DMD                   0.527   dystrophin Dp140 isoform 
DMD                   0.522   dystrophin Dp140b isoform 
DMD                   0.514   dystrophin Dp140ab isoform 
DMD                   0.409   dystrophin Dp140bc isoform 
DMD                   0.409   dystrophin Dp116 isoform 
DMD                   0.405   dystrophin Dp140c isoform 
UTRN                  0.333   utrophin 
DMD                   0.264   dystrophin Dp71 isoform 
DMD                   0.258   dystrophin Dp71b isoform 
DMD                   0.256   dystrophin Dp71a isoform 
DMD                   0.250   dystrophin Dp71ab isoform 
DRP2                  0.211   dystrophin related protein 2 
DMD                   0.145   dystrophin Dp40 isoform 
MACF1                 0.049   microfilament and actin filament cross-linker protei...
MACF1                 0.049   microfilament and actin filament cross-linker protei...
DST                   0.048   dystonin isoform 4 
DST                   0.048   dystonin isoform 3 
DST                   0.048   dystonin isoform 2 
DST                   0.048   dystonin isoform 1 
DST                   0.048   dystonin isoform 1eA precursor 
DTNA                  0.041   dystrobrevin alpha isoform 2 
DTNA                  0.039   dystrobrevin alpha isoform 1 
DTNA                  0.039   dystrobrevin alpha isoform 5 
Human BLASTP results (used to prepare the table)

Gene descriptions are from NCBI RefSeq. Search results were obtained with NCBI BLAST and RefSeq entries. When identical proteins are present, the self-match may not be listed first in BLASTP output. In such cases, the table above has been reordered to place it first.

See About the Figures for the scoring system used in the figure above right. The same scoring system was used in the table of BLASTP results.

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